hckn014: SheHacks Kenya

Willkommen zu einer weiteren Folge Haecksenwerk!

Haecksenwerk ist das Podcastkollektiv der Haecksen. Es geht um die ganze Bandbreite von Technik, Kultur und Feminismus. In unserem Podcast möchten wir Einblicke in Themen geben, die uns bewegen. Diese Folge ist ein Interview, das auf Englisch geführt wurde.

The first episode of our series about feminist hacker groups around the world leads us to Kenya. Piko talks with Laura Tich about Shehacks Kenya, an initiative to teach female students in Kenya about cyber security and to inspire them to make computer science and information security their job. Turns out that the problems that feminism addresses are very similar to those in Germany…

The episode was recorded in August 2022. Why it took us so long to publish the episode will be explained around minute 39. We noticed only afterwards that the audio deteriorated during the episode. We will work on improving that in the coming episodes!



feminist activism, international, hacktivism, it security, kenya, nigeria, zimbabwe, teaching, organizing


Redaktion: Piko
Sprechende: Piko & Laura Tich
Produktion: Piko, balub
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Piko: Hello and welcome again to a new episode of Haecksenwerk. Today we’re talking in English because I’m having a very, very interesting guest. It’s Laura Tich. She’s a cybersecurity expert and digital privacy advocate from Kenya, and she’s founder of SheHacks_Kenya. She’s the first person we’re interviewing in a series in which we are looking at feminist hacker groups around the world, and I’m super happy to have you here, Laura, as the first
person we’re talking to. So welcome.

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